Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Princess Merida Charm

On a roll. ;) This time I decided to make Princess Merida from the upcoming Disney-Pixar film Brave. I have known about this movie for a year now and I'm excited that I'll finally be able to see it in June! Merida seems like a tough chick with a sweet heart. Her family looks like fun, too. Since this movie is coming soon I thought she would be perfect to start my Disney Princess charm making. I'm hoping to make the other princesses, including the ones not on the line-up. I really like how her hair turned out and it's helped me gain a new hair technique. That should be a reoccurring thing with the next princess. Now, who should I make next?


Amber said...

Great job!

Since your niece is finally taking a nap, I'll say it for her, Belle!

Anonymous said...

Do you sell? Or would you?