Monday, June 12, 2017

Finally Back and in Working Order

It feels so good to be able to write on this blog again. I don't think that I can explain how nice it is. I have been without a computer for so long. Well, mostly without a computer. The mostly is because the old one would overheat in 10 minutes or more. If I wanted it to be on longer then I had to use my fan I got from a Japanese store to fan it while it was running. It was kind of ridiculous. If I get the video on here, I'll put it up. It really is one of the silliest things to witness.

So I'm excited that I can finally share the things that I have been creating. Since the beginning of the year I have been doing something new. I've gotten myself into... Bullet Journaling! Also can be Bujo for short. I'm hoping to start putting some of the spreads and things that I've learned since starting. I was able to teach some fellow women at church in February. It was fun but an interesting experience to say the least. Should be fun to write about.

I'm also hoping that I'll be able to set-up a new store to sell my handmade crafts. I'm thinking about setting up a Storenvy this time rather than Etsy. There are good and bad things about both. But the part I like is that it seems to have fewer fees. I'll see how that goes when it comes to that. I'm hoping soon.

I'm glad to be back!

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Reason I Haven't Posted

So here I am almost a year after the last post on this blog. I wish I could have written more on here, but that didn't happen. I have no way to put pictures up on here. Crappy as it sounds, it's the truth. It's amazing how much a computer that over heats in 30 minutes (10 minutes is the record) can affect you. Especially the things you need and want to do. One day I'll have this all figured out. Until then, I'll just use Instagram. If you want to see more follow @geisha_neko . There will be art and things I'm working on at the moment. Also search @TheMuleDesigns on Facebook. See you there until I get this figured out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Me, a RM? 真的嗎?

That's the strangest thing of itself. I'm a Return Missionary. If you had asked me if that could ever happen five or more years ago, I may have laughed kindly in your face. Just saying. And now I've been home for eleven days. That's even stranger. 好奇怪。

It's a little interesting to me how the whole mission experience worked out. There were plenty of tough times. I heard over and over again that a mission would be on of the hardest things that you do. I thought to myself that that was a no-brainer, but I still didn't completely grasp what that meant. And, boy, if I had known before who would have known what my decision would have been.

Don't get me wrong missions are hard, but they are so worth it. I learned a lot about myself and many more things. There are times when I think, Did I really learn that much? But then then Lord gives me opportunities like this blog post to remind me that I did. I pray that I can always remember these things.

我想念香港!I miss Hong Kong. It's, again, strange that I'm not there. I catch myself thinking and wondering if that time actually happened. Was I really there for that long? So strange and yet wonderfully amazing. The Lord was so merciful sending me there. He knew that I had to have that stupid surgery in the MTC in order for me to go there. I kind of wish there was another method, but that's what He wanted me to experience.

I met some amazing people there. I'm a little weirded out that missionary work is stilling going on there and I can't be part of it. That's something that I'll have to get my brain used to. It went on before I was there, so why not after? My brain, sometimes.

I miss being able to listen to Mandarin all of the time. I was blessed yesterday to hear some at the grocery store. Who would've known? I hope that I will be able to use it more in the future.

I'm going to figure out how I should share my experiences here on my blog. If you have suggestions, I will gladly take them.

For the Mandarin speakers out there. ;)

Now the next step is moving onto life. Just need to let the Lord guide me in this part. ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Exciting News!

I'm going to Hong Kong! Yep, that's right! I just found out yesterday. It's so crazy how everything has worked out.

Since the last time I wrote, a lot has happened. I mentioned that Parker had an appendectomy and not two weeks later, my sister had one. What-the-what? And Amber's pregnant so that complicated things a bit. The doctors didn't want to believe that one of her younger brothers just had one, too. But they did tell her that appendicitis is hereditary. Something good to know for future reference.

Mom stayed behind to help out in Amber's house while Dad and I had to go back so I could go to the doctor. (This was all happening the beginning of September.) This was the doctor visit that determined I could go to Hong Kong. All I had to do was send in some things to my Stake President and the him to Salt Lake City.

A couple of weeks later Mom, Dad, Parker, and I went back to Amber and Greg's. Dad had gone early for work and so the rest of us decided to go down to watch the kids play Tee-Ball. On the way home, Dad and I were in his work car and Mom and Parker were in  her car. We were on a toll-way which allows you to go 85 mph. It was night time and all Dad saw were two shadows and WHAM! The airbags all went off and Dad was able to get to the side of the road. He thinks that we hit a javelina. It's a kind of warthog. Dad ended up with a bruised thumb and I got bruised knees. My face would have also been bruised if it weren't for my pillow in front of my face. I was moving it when the javelina hit the car. How do I know this? There's a burnt line on the pillow. Yikes and phew.

Then just a couple weeks ago, Greg strained his back. It was so bad that he couldn't move around. Amber thought that she would be fine on her own, but she called Mom to have me come down to help her. So I stayed down there for a week to help her out. While I was there we saw Beauty and the Beast on stage. Amber had been planning on going with Annabelle and Mom, and since I was still in town, why not me too? It was fun. Two songs were taken out and one added in. It was nice to see it again.

This is also when Mom told me what was going on with my letter back to Salt Lake City. Turns out they never got it. And then when it got to the right person it didn't have enough information. So we had to call the doctor to get a different letter. That took four days of calling and no return calls. That wasn't fun. But once we got it, we turned that baby in.

And waited.

We weren't sure how long it would take but we finally got word yesterday! The Stake President told us then that they thought I would leave on the 21st (Tuesday), but today we got other news. I'll be leaving early in the morning on the 20th! Woah! I'm going to be a missionary again! It's so surreal to me at the moment. I don't know if it'll really hit me until I'm set apart again. But I can't wait. I hope that my Mandarin hasn't digressed too much, but I'm sure the Lord will help. Gah, I can't wait. Hopefully I'll get someone to post e-mails and photos here on my blog. But if you want a hand written letter give me those addresses. ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Quilt

When I was at Grandad's house late July/early September, Mom and I went through some of Granni's fabric. I was hoping for certain kinds but you never know what's in that big stash of hers. When we came across the Halloween fabric, I was so excited. I've wanted to make a Halloween quilt for a while but Halloween fabric can be expensive. She also had a pack of flannel fat quarters. I originally thought they would be a quilt of their own, but I used about half of those to back this. I also wanted to use a different design but the fabric that had cats and pumpkins kind of decided how big the rectangles got. I like how it turned out, though. It's a nice blanket to cuddle under and dream of Halloween.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Amigurumi Serenity Pattern

My sister requested this for her unborn son. She and her husband like Firefly by Joss Whedon. She thought that it would be cool to let him have a crocheted Serenity. And I thought, why not let others be able to make one of their own. I don't know the exact measurements but it is under 12".

**Please don't make these to sell them. Also let others know where you got the pattern from. Thanks!

Serenity Spaceship Pattern

G Hook (4.25 mm)

MAR = Magic Adjustable Ring
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
st =stitch
sl st = slip stitch
sk st = skip stitch
inv dec = invisible decrease
inc = increase
*(...)* = repeat between * around
Rd = Round

*All worked in both loops.

Rd 1: 6 sc into MAR (6)
Rd 2: inc around (12)
Rd 3: sc around (12)
Rd 4: *sc, inc* (18)
Rd 5-6: sc around (18)
Rd 7: *sc 2 st, inc* (24)
Rd 8-9: sc around (24)
Rd 10: *sc 3 st, inc* (30)
Rd 11-13: sc around (30)
Rd 14: *sc 3 st, inv dec* (24)
Rd 15: sc around (24)
Rd 16: *sc 2 st, inv dec* (18)
Rd 17-18: sc around (18)
Rd 19: *sc 2 st, inc* (24)
Rd 20: *sc 3 st, inc* (30)
Rd 21-28: sc around (30)
Rd 29: *sc 3 st, inv dec* (24)
Rd 30: *sc 2 st, inv dec* (18)
Rd 31: sc around (18)
Rd 32: sc 9 st, sl st 9 st (18)
Rd 33-37: sc around (18)
Rd 38: *sc, inv dec* (12)
Rd 39-41: sc around (12)
Rd 42: sc st, inv dec 2 st, sc 4 st, inc 2 st, sc 3 st (16)
Rd 43: sc 2 st, inc 2 st, sl st 6 st, inc 2 st, sc 4 st (20)
Rd 44-46: sc around (20)
Rd 47: sc 4 st, inv dec, sc 7 st, inv dec, sc 5 st (18)
Rd 48: sc around (18)
Rd 49: sc 2 st, inv dec, sc 7 st, inv dec, sc 4 st (16)
Rd 50: sc 2 st, inv dec, sc 5 st, inv dec, sc 4 st (14)
Rd 51: sc 2 st, inv dec, sc 4 st, inv dec, sc 4 st (12)
Rd 52: inv dec around (6) END

*Make 2
Rd 1: 6 sc into MAR (6)
Rd 2: inc around (12)
Rd 3-11: sc around (12)
Rd 12: inv dec around (6) END

*Make 2. Have a long tail before starting ch.
Rd 1: ch 14, sl st to 1st ch (14)
Rd 2-5: sc around (14)
Rd 6: *sc 5 st, inv dec* (12)
Rd 7-9: sc around (12) END *Don't close and leave a long tail. This end is sown to turbine.

*This is the small piece on the top of the back.
Row 1: ch 7, turn (7)
Row 2-5: sc 6 st, ch, turn (6)
Row 6: sk st, sc 4 st, ch, turn (4)
Row 7: sc 4 st, ch, turn (r) END *Leave long tail to sew. Fold in half and sew the piece on until about a third left. Fold in the two corners to middle and sew closed.

Wrap Around Piece:
Rd 1: 6 sc into MAR (6)
Rd 2-46: sc around (6) END *Leave long tail to sew.

Then use a yarn darner and black yarn to embroider as many details as you want. After this, you're done! Congrats! Now go aim to misbehave. ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Star Afghan

I needed another thing to do with my hands while waiting for news from Salt Lake City to tell me when I can go to Hong Kong. I've had this one on my "To Do" list for a while. I found this patterna while ago and kept it tucked away. It wasn't until I was making a completely different afghan that I realized that this would be perfect. So I undid that and started this pattern. The pattern for this can be found here for free. 

I was so excited to finally do this. This is my favorite shape and I was able to use my favorite colors in it. It was fun to make but I do wish I knew why the corners are all wobbly looking. I'm not sure why it got that way. I stopped at this size because that was all the black yarn that I had. I may in some future make it bigger. I haven't decided yet. So right now it's a tentative work in progress.