About Me

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

I'm the third out of four children and love my siblings. I enjoyed growing up with all of them although we did have our share of quarrels. What family doesn't? ;) We moved a lot when I was young and still do to the day. I have lived in seven states over the years and have visited many others. The best vacation that we had the opportunity to go to was Nassau, Bahamas in January 2005. I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't know if we'll ever be able to do a trip like that ever again but I sure hope so. ^^

I'm a very recent graduate from Brigham Young University (BYU). I received my BA in English with a minor in Visual Art. I'm hoping that I can be a published author, and that I may be able to use my artistic side with it. I'm currently working on several books but one has my full attention at the moment. It will be interesting to see where the road takes me!

I'm an avid crafter and I write about what I make all of the time. I do have an Etsy Shop, but I've been so busy that not a whole lot is up there. (Sometimes nothing at all.)The url is http://muledesigns.etsy.com. I make charms, amigurumi, headband accessories, and more. I like to make cute, creepy, and things from fandoms. I like to claim that I'm a gamer but I really don't play that often. I still love them, though. <3 I also share a blog with my sister about crafting. It's actually what inspired the name of my Etsy Shop. It is http://mncrafts.blogspot.com. Everything I make can be seen on my deviantART account as well.

On my blog I also like to write about books and movies. I love both of these. I try to keep up with all of the new books out there, but it proves difficult at times. I don't write like a critic, nor do I claim to be. Critics usually get me mad because I think they are full of themselves. Books and movies are for entertainment! However, there are some exceptions. That's just my taste, though.

I hope you have fun reading my blog, and don't be afraid to leave a comment. I'll do the best I can to write back. Thanks for reading! <3