Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life, Lately

Life has been so crazy lately. There has been a lot that has happened. October was especially so. Every weekend there was something happening. I'm having a hard time deciding which week was what with everything that went on. I'll do my best to write everything down.

One day (Oct. 22) there was the Epilepsy Association of Utah's (EAU)Whispers in the Park Halloween fundraiser. Since Nett was in charge of everything that meant that I was a part of helping her. So much was going on that week. I had midterms along with making things for it. Then there was making games and making sure that everything was working out for it. It turned out pretty well. We were there for quite some time. It was fun, though. ;) In this picture you can see a bit of my finished cosplay of Sora in his Halloween Town clothes.

Gma and I. More photos here.

Halloween turned out to be fun. The Saturday before (29th) was the ward Halloween Party. All of my roommates and I got into our garb and went. I forgot to take a picture of one of my roommates; she was a tree. She had her hair up with braids wrapped around wires and then stuck a bunch of leaves in her 'branches; she also wore a brown shirt and pants. I wore my finished cosplay, Keziah was Orion the Hunter, and Amy a Fairy Godmother.

My Cosplay. Sora's Halloween Town version (Kingdom Hearts).

Orion the Hunter and the Fairy Godmother

I also ended up winning the pumpkin carving contest again. That makes 4 of 4 years! This year I spent about 4 hrs. using clay tools to get what I wanted. I'm pretty happy about it, I just wish Sally's hairline was higher up.

On November 3rd the EAU held Artilepsy. This is the second year that the family has done this. Last year all that entered received an award and this year was no different. Taylor got Second and Third place in the Youth Fine Arts Category, while Nett got a Honorable Mention and I the First Place in the Adult Fine Arts Category. It was a nice surprise and lots of fun to be there.

On November 4th, the EAU held their annual Gala. This year's theme was A Night Among the Stars. It was fun and enjoyable. Nett was the only one who brought her kids and they did really well. There was a talk from Glenn Fenster and lots of awards given to those who have helped a lot. The slideshow are some photos that I've taken. Sorry for the bad quality in a lot of them; my camera was acting weird. There are also more pictures here.

I believe that's all for now. I think I'll write more of my Disney CP experience later. I'll also have some crafts to show. It's just a matter of when I'll get this all up here... I will be going to a football game on the 19th and probably seeing Christopher Paolini on the 2nd. I'll be putting those on here, too. ;)

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